Creations by artist Richard Davies almost entirely made from reclaimed electric motors and ancient oak posts and beams


It's either compulsion or necessity, the pieces of work I create follow a strict set of parameters.

The materials I work with are reclaimed, found and saved from decay and destruction, a new beauty has to be discovered, a new aesthetic created from the cast off and forgotten...

My inspirations are deep set and are taken from my observations of the natural world around me.

I love the movement of nature; its ebb and flow, how growth reclaims and covers fallen deadwood and long passed standing trees. Whether it's the progression of spores and fungus growth or moss growing in impossible locations or enveloping forgotten tree stumps.

The natural line of growth hugely inspires me; its silhouette, the space it invades, the patterns it makes and the evolution of its shape over distance.

I sketch and photograph, absorb and embrace.

The wooden mounts, oak beams and posts or root balls and stumps I choose to work with are all meticulously carved, waxed and loved back into life, and the metal attachments are formed using multiples of like pieces sourced from "end of life" discarded electrical motors (The Stator).

Then it's the combination of the parts, my inspirations, the underlying narrative and arrangements, the bending and forming or even the spaces between; they all combine and conform to the "Stator Way".


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